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Unleash the Magic of Your Next Event
with Sky Emerald

Reserve for weddings, birthday celebrations, conferences, and various other events.

Experience the Height of Luxury and Elegance

Experience the epitome of elegance at the Sky Emerald Banqueting Suite, an exquisitely appointed, fully air-conditioned venue nestled within the vibrant city of Leeds. With a generous capacity to accommodate up to 300 guests, this versatile space is thoughtfully equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, making it the quintessential choice for an array of events.​


From the grandeur of engagements and the timeless celebrations of weddings and anniversaries, to the intellectual exchange of conferences and presentations, and the creative allure of exhibitions and product launches – the Sky Emerald Banqueting Suite caters to a spectrum of occasions.


It even provides a serene backdrop for focused exams, lively office parties, and corporate gatherings that demand a touch of sophistication. Additionally, its acoustically tuned ambiance lends itself seamlessly to concert events, ensuring an immersive musical experience.​What sets us apart is our commitment to crafting captivating banquet halls that transcend mere function spaces. These elegantly designed settings are poised to etch memories with their grandeur and grace. Through years of dedicated service, we have earned our place as a distinguished venue, having orchestrated numerous opulent and distinguished events that remain etched in memory.


​Our team of consummate professionals, including our skilled culinary artisans, is driven by a singular goal – to curate an event that exceeds expectations. We pride ourselves on offering an exceptional canvas for a myriad of gatherings, from the corporate realm encompassing sophisticated parties and impactful recruitment affairs, to the more intimate sphere of bridal showers and jubilant retirement festivities. Collaborating with the most esteemed vendors in Yorkshire, we ensure every facet of your event is a masterpiece.​


Backed by a legacy of unwavering professionalism and a commitment to gracious service, we anticipate the privilege of hosting your next event at the Sky Emerald Banqueting Suite.

An Event Space Tailored to All Budgets

Recognizing the significance of budget in event planning, we value budgets of all scales and collaborate with you to ensure prudent choices that align with your original financial intentions, preventing any unintended overspending.


Business Conference

Elevate your business conference experience by booking the prestigious Sky Emerald Banqueting Suite. Nestled in the heart of Leeds, this fully air-conditioned venue offers a sophisticated and versatile space that sets the stage for productive and memorable corporate gatherings. 


Celebrate the beginning of your journey together in the enchanting ambiance of the Sky Emerald Banqueting Suite. Located in the heart of Leeds, our fully air-conditioned venue offers a captivating setting that exudes romance and elegance.

Birthday/ Anniversary

Celebrate life's milestones in style at the Sky Emerald Banqueting Suite, a premier venue nestled in the heart of Leeds. Whether you're commemorating a birthday or an anniversary.

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